The right carpet for a family home

Once our renovation was complete it was time to tick off the last item on our long list – replace the old pink carpet that we had suffered for 6 years! The configuration of the house had changed upstairs as we had gained another flight of stairs and a small landing. The bedrooms had all been decorated and finished and so it was time to look at flooring. With two children and a busy set of stairs leading to the first floor, we needed a hard-wearing carpet that would stand the test of time.

The colour and feeling of the carpet were equally important, we wanted it to blend in with our existing scheme and be soft under foot. The walls up the staircase are painted in Dulux Polished Pebble which is fairly light and so we were looking for a subtle contrast. Going too light was not really an option for us as the stairs would get the brunt of family life.
The material needed to be easy to clean and relatively good for managing any potential spillages or stains that might occur. 

We looked at many brands but Kersaint Cobb stood out for us. Our carpet fitter also recommended them as a brand he knew and mentioned that their carpet would last really well in our circumstance. The Scandi-inspired Pampas Nordic range had a great choice of colours that suited our palette and its regular loop felt really comfortable under foot. After selecting about 5 samples from the Pampas range, we naturally gravitated towards Nuuk as it fitted seamlessly with the rest of our decor.

The Pampas collection is 50% Wool and 50% Polypropylene and evidently provides the benefits of both materials in terms of spring and the softness.

The fitting went really well and we are really pleased with the outcome. There was a ting part of me that worried I had gone too light with the colour but as soon as it was down, I knew I had made the right choice. The transformation when the carpet went down was incredible as it completely finished off the room and the children love having a new carpet in their bedrooms.

The tone is just right as it makes the space feel light and airy and yet dark enough not to show every imperfection. The only thing now is that the upstairs is a strictly no shoes zone, but that doesn’t matter when you have a lovely soft carpet to stand on!

Here is a selection of other carpets that Kersaint Cobb sell.

Pippa Jameson shows carpets from Kersaint Cobb

Pippa Jameson shows carpets from Kersaint Cobb

Pippa Jameson shows carpets from Kersaint Cobb

Pippa Jameson shows carpets from Kersaint Cobb


Meet Pippa

Pippa Jameson is an author, tv designer and interiors expert. The previous interior editor on several leading UK titles, Pippa has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout her 25-year career, Pippa’s unique and creative approach has won her commissions for large retail brands and celebrities to deliver exciting and engaging projects. 

She’s written the curriculum for the British College of Interior Design, produced and styled shoots for well-known brands including John Lewis, H&M & Team GB/DFS, worked as an International Stylist for leading paint brands in Asia, consulted on the launch and creative direction of major retail names including George Home and Wren, and most recently, published her first book, The Sensory Home. Pippa possesses expertise unmatched in the interior industry.