Craft: Make a button lampshade

Create an individual lampshade using spare buttons. If you have a lampbase that you love but haven’t found a shade to suit it then this project is a great solution. When lit the lampshade will cast button shaped patterns around the room and using semi transparent coloured buttons will create a really colourful light. Use an eclectic mix of shapes and sized buttons and select colours that complement each other or use mother of pearl buttons to create a beautiful vintage feel. This can also be created with beads, glass ones will look especially impressive when the lamp is lit!   You can also use this idea to decorate a larger freestanding lamp.

To make this lampshade, you will need…

-Table lamp
-Old metal frame lampshade
-Collection of buttons various sizes
-Wire and cutters

-Remove the fabric cover from your lampshade.
-Sort the buttons into groups by size, the buttons will graduate from small to large as they move down the lampshade but you can create any formation.
-Cut a long length of wire, wrap several times around the bottom edge of the frame make sure the wire is secure.
-Thread some of the larger buttons onto the wire, gradually using the smaller buttons until you have reached the top edge of the lampshade frame. -Pull the wire taught and wrap around the top edge.
-Thread the smaller buttons onto the wire, increasing the size of buttons until you have reached the bottom edge,
-wrap the wire to secure. Repeat this process until you have covered the whole lamp.

Please send us your pictures of the finished article and we will post them on the site!


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