Creating Your Perfect Work-From-Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, and with this shift comes the need for a dedicated workspace that promotes productivity and wellbeing. As an interior stylist, I understand the importance of creating an environment that not only inspires but also nurtures our mental and physical health. In this blog post, I’ll share my top 10 tips on how to create a work-from-home office that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Find the Right Spot – Choosing the right location for your home office is crucial. Look for a quiet area away from distractions and consider natural light sources. A corner by the window or a spot with good overhead lighting can work wonders.

Define Your Spac – Create a clear distinction between your workspace and the rest of your home. This can be achieved through furniture placement or the use of room dividers. NKUKU offers stylish and practical desks that seamlessly blend with any interior style.

Choose Calming Paint Colors – Dulux offers a stunning range of paint colours that can set the tone for your work-from-home oasis. Opt for calming hues like “Mid-Umber”, “Tranquil Dawn”, or “Soft Stone” to create a serene atmosphere that promotes focus and relaxation.

Ergonomic Essentials – Investing in ergonomic and well-made furniture and accessories is crucial for maintaining good posture and preventing discomfort. Look for an adjustable chair, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and a monitor stand to keep your workspace comfortable and efficient.

Personalise Your Space – Make your home office a reflection of your personality and style. Add artwork, plants, and personal mementoes to create an inspiring atmosphere. Cox and Cox offer beautiful accessories like wall art, stylish planters, and decorative storage solutions to enhance your workspace.

Declutter and Organise – A cluttered workspace can hinder productivity and increase stress levels. Use smart storage solutions from Dunelm to keep your supplies, documents, and cables neatly organised. A clean and tidy space will help you stay focused and reduce distractions.

Create a Tranquil Ambience – The right lighting and ambience can greatly impact your mood and concentration levels. Consider adding a Himalayan salt lamp or a desk lamp with adjustable brightness from Marks and Spencer. These subtle lighting options create a calming effect and can enhance your overall well-being.

Bring Nature Indoors – Plants not only add a touch of beauty but also improve air quality and reduce stress. Choose low-maintenance varieties like succulents or spider plants from Flower Station to bring a breath of fresh air into your workspace.

Establish a Routine – Maintaining a structured work routine is essential for productivity. Set specific working hours, take regular breaks, and establish boundaries to separate work life from personal life. Create a daily schedule that includes time for exercise, meals, and relaxation.

Prioritise Comfortable Bedding – A good night’s sleep is essential for optimal productivity. Soak and Sleep offer luxurious bedding options that promote restful sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Designing a work-from-home office that combines functionality, aesthetics, and a focus on well-being is the key to a successful remote working experience. Remember, your home office should be a sanctuary that energises and motivates.


Meet Pippa

Pippa Jameson is an author, tv designer and interiors expert. The previous interior editor on several leading UK titles, Pippa has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout her 25-year career, Pippa’s unique and creative approach has won her commissions for large retail brands and celebrities to deliver exciting and engaging projects. 

She’s written the curriculum for the British College of Interior Design, produced and styled shoots for well-known brands including John Lewis, H&M & Team GB/DFS, worked as an International Stylist for leading paint brands in Asia, consulted on the launch and creative direction of major retail names including George Home and Wren, and most recently, published her first book, The Sensory Home. Pippa possesses expertise unmatched in the interior industry.