Creative bedheads

Bedroom furniture, like any furniture, is a really personal choice and will determine the kind of look you want to give your place of rest in the home.

Recently I have seen some really creative and interesting ways to incorporate bed heads into a room, and they aren’t necessarily expensive or your typical idea of what a headboard might be. These inspiring ideas are a fantastic reminder that things can be done in a different and inexpensive way, to achieve stylish and unique results!

Credits: 1.Framed bed head idea 2. Lovely, inexpensive and personal project by House Tweaking 3.A cool stencil 4. Shelving in place of a bedhead – functional and pretty, 5. Reclaimed doors to create height, My favourite – a great use for an old palette!

Finding a bed that is exactly what you are looking for can be difficult. However you can find a wide variety of beds online at which should make it that little extra bit easier.