Guest Writer: Next Bathrooms guide to choosing the right bathroom

I’m back from my honeymoon and feeling very refreshed and ready to get blogging again!  I have lots of exciting features coming up and hopefully something to suit everyone.

This feature is all about choosing the right bathroom as I am always asked where to begin with such a large task!

We have some guest writers for Pippa Jameson Interiors (the first of many to come!) called Richard Taylor and Fiona Berry; Marketing Manager for Next Bathrooms.  Here they offer their expert advice and tips and have put together their personal guide on choosing the right bathroom…

When choosing your new bathroom there are many factors to consider. There are many different styles of bathrooms to choose from. Functionality is also an essential part of your bathroom; being one of the busiest rooms in the house it is vital to create your very own perfect bathroom. Here are a few hints and tips to help you along your way:

Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom is small then there are many options for you. If you can’t fit a bath and a shower enclosure why not consider having a showerbath. Showerbaths are ideal they come in two sizes, 1700mm or 1500mm bath.

If you have a smaller bathroom then the pottery that you choose can make all the difference. If you have an awkward corner, an option could be to fit a corner basin or toilet.

Another option for the smaller bathroom could be furniture. The great advantage of having bathroom furniture is the additional storage space that you acquire. Bathroom furniture comes in all sorts of sizes and colours, whether you are looking for a compact vanity unit or a designer wall hung vanity shelf, there are now many options available for your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom

If size is not an issue in your bathroom, there are many options available to you. When looking for a bath, you could have a double-ended bath. Double-ended baths allow you to have the tap-holes in the centre of your bath, to allow you have additional bathing space. For total relaxation double-ended baths are also available as a whirlpool option. Alternatively you could have a freestanding bath. You can have or modern or traditional freestanding baths. The traditional freestanding baths includes traditional chrome bath feet. The modern freestanding bath is sized at an impressive 1800mm, which is sure to be a focal point in your bathroom.

When choosing you bathroom pottery you could choose something a little bit different, as you have more space. For a striking toilet in your bathroom why not choose a toilet which has no lid! The Foxglove toilet by Next features the latest in pottery design and has a ceramic cowl completely covering a clever water reservoir that allows for great functionality with seamless flowing lines.

Foxglove Bathroom Suite

Shower Enclosure

When looking at choosing the right shower enclosure for you there are many different options to choose from. The first element is to measure the space that you have available for your enclosure

Smaller Enclosure

For the smaller enclosure the options are the Bi-Fold, Pivot, Corner Entry and Quadrant enclosures.

Bi-Fold Enclosures start from size 760mm, the advantage of having a bi-fold door is that the door folds inwards to help you saving space in the bathroom.

Corner Entry enclosures have two doors that slide together for you to enter in and out of the enclosure, they also start from a size 760mm.

Pivot Door enclosures open outwards and some include a drip tray so that you do not get any water droplets on your bathroom floor.

Quadrant enclosures slide together and the ones from Next include a magnetic seal to ensure that they close smoothly together. The quadrants start from 800mm in size.

Large Enclosure

For larger enclosures the options are Walk-In, Quadrants and Sliding Door Enclosures. The Walk-In enclosure allows you to have a separate washing and drying area, some include a towel rail for you to easily access your towel after showering.

The larger quadrant enclosures range in sizes and designs, some larger quadrants include internal shelving, perfect for storing your showering products. There is also the option to have an offset quadrant the size options are 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 900mm.

Sliding enclosures are great if you have the space available; the door smoothly slides open and close. Sliding Enclosures can either be placed in-between two walls, so they are in a recess or you can have an additional side panel.

For the ultimate in showering, why not consider a steam cabin. They have many benefits such as soothe tired muscles, aid relaxation and reduce stress.

These are just a few hints and tips on how to create your own bathing haven, I hope that these tips help you.

Iris 900 Quadrant with Corner Toilet

Feature By Richard Taylor for Pippa Jameson Interiors


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