How to create a 1920’s look

I wanted to share with you my recent collaboration with DFS  as they asked me to write a few articles about a very topical subject ‘How to Create a 1920’s look’. The first piece of content is great if you are looking for any last-minute NYE ideas as it’s  ‘Tips for throwing a 1920’s party’. Below is a copy of the moodboard but check out the full article here.

1920_party copy

1. Concerto  sofa / 2. Gramophone /3 & 5  Dresses and pearls / 4.  1920’s Print & Photography By Heather Romney, flapper headband  / 10.  Ostrich / 6.  Decanter /7.  wine glass / 8. tea light holder /9.  vase / 10. Peacock / 11. Tri-pod lamp / 12.  mirror

My second article for DFS  is called ‘How to inject 1920’s style in to a home’ and talks about simple and affordable ideas about choosing the right furniture, right through to colour palette suggestions. We all know and love the Art Deco period for its glamour and iconic designs, and this is why it is one of the most sought after eras when it comes to sourcing original or inspired pieces from that time.  Read the full article here – I hope you like it!