Interview with Jeff Banks

Pippa Jameson Interiors aim is to deliver up to date interior news along with emerging trends and fashions.  To achieve this we keep our fingers on the pulse by staying in close contact with press and industry professionals.  So, when we had the opportunity to interview Jeff Banks about his latest paint collection; Ports Of Call, and his views on interior trends…how could we resist!

Jeff Banks


What was your inspiration behind your new Ports Of Call paint collection?

I always approach my design research in the same way.  Twice a year I create my ‘Style Look Books’ using tear sheets, colour samples combined with inspiration from fashion and travel.   My designers around the world eagerly anticipate the books as it is what we all draw inspiration from for the fashion collections.  I then produce 5 key themes a seasons which give me ideas on a range and I will work on spring 2010, winter 2010 and spring 2011.  I then apply the same process when it comes to my homeware collection.  Finally, I will play around with the 5 looks on my studio table and from that paint up around 50 colours for my paint collection on A4 sheets, I will then re-access until I have whittled the colours down to 36.

Jeff Banks, Ports Of Call

Above is Jeff’ Banks latest Ports Of Call paint collection

What predictions have you got for forthcoming colour trends?

Recently we have seen a fantastic return to colour and print and the great thing is now that clothes are more affordable people are more inclined to experiment with the bright colours.  It’s the difference of spending £20 on a garment as supposed to £2,000 on a designer item.

Are the bright colours here to stay?

The bright colours that we are seeing such as Lime and Fuchsia I predict will be around until at least 2011.  The beauty of these bright colours is that they can be used with classic ‘off white’.  I will certainly be using them in my fashion collection up until 2011.

Park Avenue, Jeff Banks Ports Of Call

The above image features Jeff Banks new paint collection Ports Of Call

I like your idea of painting the home one colour to achieve a sense of continuity and flow.  That said; I know a lot of designers homes are white – mine is! What colour is your home?

Our home is painted one colour throughout.  It’s a soft putty colour from my Lazy Paint range.  We live in a classic 17th century home that was built in 1695 and so it was fun to decorate.  My wife and I have slightly different tastes when it comes to home decor but we have come to a happy compromise where some rooms are ‘Jeff’ rooms and some are ‘Sue’ rooms; it works very well.  Our living room for example (a Jeff room) is all white, from the sofa right through to all the soft furnishings but then next door we have another sitting room that is adorned with Klimt upholstery ( a Sue room) – it’s fantastic!  There is one room in the home that we have transformed from white into a fabulously rich red.  We use it as our  dining room.  It’s full on and even though we don’t use it that often it’s great for entertaining; especially at Christmas time.

What is your interior style?

I would say my Interior style at home is contemporary and modern.  The most important thing to me is that people are comfortable in our home without worrying about making foot prints when they come through the door.  Whereas my studio is much more clinical, almost like an operating theatre!  It needs to be like this as it acts as a good backdrop to my designs and doesn’t interfere with any colours or looks I might be developing.

What is your favourite interior item at home?

It would have to be my Anglepoise lamp.  In my opinion, a great design is something that can stand the test of time and this certainly has.  Designed in around 1933, the Anglepoise lamp has been sympathetically modernised over the years to fit in with the current market.

What would you never leave home without?

A pair of Jeff Banks pants!!


The Ports Of Call paint Collection has just launched in Focus DIY stores nationwide, Retail Price is £19.99 for Matt Finish, £21.99 for sheen, both available in 2.5 litre tins

For more information on Jeff Banks visit his website at

This interview was conducted by Pippa Jameson


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