Introducing Emily Evans, founder of Anatomy Boutique

After 10 years as a Freelance Medical Illustrator and teacher of Anatomy to medical students, the designer behind the collection at Anatomy Boutique, Emily Evans, started creating bespoke products for customers who wanted something just that little bit different.  Emily designed a range of hand screen printed wallpaper for the Barrio Bars in London, a series of Histology Plates for Eat Your Heart Out and screen prints and drawings for Street Anatomy that all brought worldwide coverage shortly followed by a demand.  This lead to the creation of Anatomy Boutique, a bespoke collection of anatomical homeware that is simply stunning.

Emily Evans, Anatomy boutique, anatomy chinaware, anatomy homeware

Emily Evans, drinking from her ‘Teeth’ cup from Anatomy of Digestion collection.


Emily says that the collections at Anatomy Boutique aim to represent the beauty of anatomy by taking it out of the context of the classroom and the academic field and applying this imagery to everyday objects, she hopes the user builds a relationship and interest in anatomy that may not have happened by any other route. She believes that traditional anatomical imagery is given a new lease of life through modern interpretation, and I agree.  Emily’s designs are truly breathtaking, I could never have imagined that anatomy could look so beautiful when printed onto different mediums such as fabric and china.  This ‘Anatomy of Digestion’ collection is so elegant and I think a lot of that is down to the simplistic monochrome palette, it could sit quite comfortably in a traditional or contemporary setting.


Images from top left: Anatomy of Digestion; Arteries, Teeth, Lobules, Mucosa, all £50 for a cup and saucer.


Anatomy of Digestion plates from top left; Teeth, Mucosa, Lobules and Arteries, all £50 each


Sugar Skull Linen cushions, from £60

Anatomy Boutique headquarters is based in Hackney, London, UK. All the products are handmade in the UK.  Email directly for more information or visit Anatomy Boutiques website.