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50’s style home shopping is back.  Remember the days of Avon, well now it’s Jamie at home parties!  The company launched in March 2009 and now has 2,700 consultants across the UK and this figure is increasing all the time-quite commendable in times of a  recession.  The amount of people who have attended parties to date has reached a whooping 260,000!  It seems people can’t get enough of the home shopping experience and and I can kind of see why.

First and foremost, the products are stylish and functional and start from as little as £5.  You are able to shop at your leisure in a relaxed surrounding (i.e your friends livingroom!), and finally, you can do all of this whilst enjoying a glass of wine with your friends-perfect!  Anyone for a Jamie party?!  And if you were to consider working for Jamie as a consultant, you then have the advantage of flexible working hours and as a working mum, I know this is an attractive option.

We spoke with Jamie Oliver’s team and asked them about the range and this is what they had to say…

  • What made you want to design this range and who or what inspired the new additions?

The brand and therefore the products start life based on Jamie’s values and his passion for food, entertaining and spending time with friends and family. We are only one year old so the additions to the range are always evolving and developing, but are mostly inspired by Jamie, the designers we work with and our customers. We draw a lot from the people around us and who we sell to.

  • What would you say is the most essential item for the summer kitchen?

For the kitchen indoors I would go for the Cast Iron Griddle Pan. It’s quick, easy and healthy cooking for meat or vegetables. Using very little oil you can griddle meat and vegetables in minutes.  For outdoor cooking, the right BBQ tools are a must to make the job easier. They are a serious set of BBQ tongs and a great set of skewers.  The double pronged ones are best.  They make it much easier to turn your food without it spinning.

  • Being able to use it indoors and outdoors makes the new cast iron griddle perfect for British summer BBQs. Do you have any other solutions or top tips for the perfect BBQ?

Great marinades, dips, sauces and relishes. One of the great things about BBQ’s is that everyone can get involved – from laying the table to tuning the meat. It’s informal dining at its best.

  • Have your travels around the world influenced your thoughts on essential kitchen items? If they have, can we see this in the new range?

Essential kitchen items are those that are essential to the way and what you cook, which differs in each food culture.  Anything that makes a job easier is always an inspiration but it’s not necessarily an essential.

  • You have a new kitchen scent collection inspired by herbs, how would you say this affects the atmosphere in the kitchen?

Fragrances are for enhancement, creating a mood or hiding kitchen smells.  I would say the fragrance ticks all those boxes.

  • What is your must have herb you could not live without?

Sage is my absolute favourite but I use parsley the most.

  • Apart from the scent range, how do you bring the outside indoors with your cooking?

Fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of it. Picked fresh from your own garden if you are lucky to have one is the best.  From local markets is just as good. The flavours can be extraordinarily good. Growing herbs indoors is an obvious one, but as rewarding as the cooking itself.

  • What advice would you give to people wanting to improve their cooking skills?

Apart from having the right equipment which is a must, practice and experimentation are essential.  A good grounding in basic skills like knife skills, really do make a difference.  Recipease run great knife skills courses.

  • Do you have any storage solution tips when it comes to kitchens?

It’s very tricky as many of the products that take up the space are those that hold volume, so you are storing a lot of air.

There are lots of space saving products on the market from bowls and food storage boxes that slot inside each other to foldable chopping boards to cookware with detachable handles.  Most people however have kitchen equipment that has evolved with them over their cooking ‘careers’, that become loved and cherished favourites.

My suggestion would be to keep it simple and have clear outs every now and again.  Stick to your essentials and those items that you have grown to love, cherish and enjoy using.

  • How much of your own kitchen can be seen in the new range?

Lots. I love cooking.  My own kitchen is made up of practical but beautiful products.  Practical shapes, an array of solid wooden chopping boards that will last and age with use.  A real mixture of contemporary and old country pieces.

  • Any plans for more kitchen essentials?

Oh yes.

Below are are a selection of the new products:

For further information on Jamie’s products or to hold a party then call 0844 871 2010 or visit: Jamie At Home

Interview conducted by Liz Danon and questions answered by Zoe Jackson, Head of Buying for JME Lifestyle.

Zoe Jackson, Head of Buying for Jme Lifestyle


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