Miele: Sponsor for Blog Tour NYC

It’s just one week until Modenus BlogTour NYC, so what better time  to introduce you to another of our very generous Sponsors; Miele.  I am a huge fan of their products and so it was great to take a look at their new collection.  There is no denying that Miele is one of the most stylish kitchen brands out there, they have an incredible knack of designing contemporary and sleek appliances that fit seamlessly into a modern day kitchen.

As you all know, one of the main events that we are attending in New York is The Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2012 (March 22 – 25, 2012, at Pier 94 in New York City), this will include the launch of Miele’s Manhattan Table Artist experience, a year-long national campaign celebrating the finest in regional cuisine prepared by the country’s most promising new chefs.

”The Miele Table Artist experience (image above) embodies everything that is good in the culinary world today,” explained Nick Ord, President of Miele, “We are proud to highlight regional chefs that share our ‘Forever Better’ philosophy using sustainable, seasonal ingredients to create delicious menus with Miele appliances. Our goal is to empower even the most novice cooks to achieve their culinary best and open their eyes and taste buds to a wonderful world of possibilities utilizing Miele appliances.”

As the only global appliance manufacturer with a full culinary line, Miele will showcase the latest in kitchen design and culinary cuisine, highlighted by Miele’s MasterChef Ovens, including  the MasterChef Steam Oven (image below). Considered one of today’s fastest growing kitchen trends due to its versatility, guests at the show will enjoy innovative tasting menus and experience Miele’s ‘Better Living’ philosophy firsthand through the wonders of steam cooking.
The steam oven works by allowing steam to surround the food from all sides creating an immediate and intense exchange of heat ensuring food is heated rapidly and is sealed instantly to retain all the vitamins, color and flavor. In addition, cooking times are also reduced so you and your family can eat faster and energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.Even cooking novices can prepare meals like a chef using Miele’sMasterCheftechnology, which allows users to select the type of food, weight and desired result. Then, Miele’sintuitive technology transforms the ingredients into a delicious meal. Available on all Miele ovens, MasterChef® is like having the combined knowledge of all great chefs of the world into one easy-to-use reference tool.

Activate your inner barista and create coffeehouse-style beverages like lattes, cappuccinos and espresso shots right in your own kitchen using the Miele Built-In Coffee Systems & counter top Espresso machine.  Intuitive and easy to use, the Built-In Coffee Systems include a variety of features like a dual dispensing spoutand integrated milk tank.

For more information visit Miele, check out their great Facebook page or keep up to date with their news on Twitter @MieleUSA


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