Review: Diamond Luxe mattress

Choosing a new mattress can be a difficult task as it’s not a case of one type suits all. Our bodies all have different needs and sometimes it can be hard to work out which product is best suited to us.  I have always had a firm mattress as I used to have a sore back but alas, as the back became better the firm mattress didn’t work for me anymore.  I then moved onto a semi-firm style which had a topper but eventually that needed replacing.

So, here we are, venturing into the unknown and trying out a brand new mattress, a Diamond Luxe by Hilary Devey.  The first thing that struck me was the weight, this mattress is incredibly heavy and took two strong lifters to carry it up the stairs, no chance of my husband and I moving it if it isn’t right for us!

Pippa Jameson, Diamond Luxe Mattress, Hilary Devey

Once the mattress was in position I immediately noticed the pretty detailing on the top. Hillary’s initials have been beautifully embroidered in a soft pale blue.

Pippa Jameson, Diamond Luxe Mattress, Hilary Devey
The side handles were extremely thick and strong, essential for heavy mattresses.

Pippa Jameson, Diamond Luxe Mattress, Hilary DeveyAlong with the blue embroidery, there are several gold crest patterns and stylish hand stitched piping along the edges, it’s this attention to detail that makes the mattress feel luxurious, such a shame that it will be covered up with sheets.

Pippa Jameson, Diamond Luxe Mattress, Hilary Devey

There were many other factors that appealed to me including the natural materials used to construct the mattress; wool, cotton and silk, all renowned for letting the body breath

There are two side air vents to increase the air flow, along with a cotton side for Summer and a wool side for Winter, simple but very effective.

It’s one thing to have a beautiful looking mattress, but the real question is about functionality and how well the mattress performs. Having read up on the technology before I committed, what I found appealing was the MidasTouch pocket springs, which didn’t mean anything to me at first. This feature is meant to give an initial soft feel followed by more support as you sink further into the mattress and it did seem to feel like that.

The morning after the first night I was feeling really deflated as I had backache but, I know that with any change to a mattress, the body has to have a period of adjustment and one night is not enough time to judge. Skip forward one week and the back pain had disappeared. I’m not even sure this was related to the new mattress as I had been working on a big shoot the week before.

We are now one month into the new mattress and all is good. In all honesty it does feel completely different to our old one, it’s much higher and that did feel weird for a while but I don’t even notice that anymore. Although it is now slightly too high for my side table!

All in all we are really happy with it, it does feel luxurious and so it should as it is a mid to high price range.  However, anything that is being used to support your body, especially for that amount of time, is worth the investment.

This feature was written in conjunction with Hilary


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