The unique and beautiful designs of Patricia Fernandes

It appears ‘Perth Upmarket’ is quickly becoming known as the place to be for new local designers and craft lovers alike, to celebrate their passions for all things arty. I was so encouraged and excited by my visit to the most recent markets, with the discovery of local ceramic artist Patricia Fernandes.
Her beautiful range of printed brooches, earrings, pendants and scarf holders are created by layering traditional Indian patterns onto white porcelain, in a range of sizes and bright colours. Each of these irresistible pieces are unique, and are a wonderfully ornate addition to any bag or outfit.

Image: Brassed flowers by Patricia Fernandes

Image: Brooches by Patricia Fernandes

Speaking with Patricia and learning about how she creates her pieces, I have come to appreciate the lengthy and involved process involved and especially her awareness of her design process and its’ impact on the environment.

Image, necklaces  by Patricia Fernandes)

Follow Patricia’s design journey here and keep yp to date with the launch of her online store and new homewares collection which will include framed wall plaques. Keep an eye out for Patricia Fernandes as a designer of the future!