Top 5 considerations when buying wood flooring for your home

There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing a wooden floor; something that I have written a lot about lately.  The material looks beautiful and ages well, but it can be costly, especially a hard wood such as oak.  If the floor is sealed properly, it shouldn’t mark, but be sure to place felt stoppers under legs of furniture to protect your wood and above all, avoid high heeled shoes.  Engineered wood is another water resistant alternative and less prone to marking.

I hope that the following tips are a good start to helping you make the right choice.
– Always take a sample home to see to see how it looks with the rest of your kitchen, my advice would be to ask for a large sample, you may have to pay for it, but it will avoid any costly mistakes.  Bear in mind that all timbers darken with age, especially the lighter ones and softwoods

-For a modern look avoid heavy grained wood with lots of knots; instead keep a similar tone throughout; I would recommend a light oak or similar.

-For the best effect, lay the boards in the direction that light comes into the room, so that the beauty of the wood is accentuated.

-Where possible, have a look at some friends or family’s houses that already have wooden floors, this will help you get a true idea of how it can look in situ.

-Make sure you calculate the area of floor accurately.  If you are not sure then ask the supplier to do this for you, this way you will avoid wastage.

“When you enter a room, your first impression of it is made from the floor upwards. It is essential to get this right, and by fitting wood floors, you have solved the most difficult and important part of making an impact. Wood floors give you the ultimate in timeless elegance, flexibility and durability. It’s hard wearing qualities and range of styles makes it perfect for any room in the house”.
Quote by Ambience Hardwood Flooring, Image: Kersaint Cobb.

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