Royal Wedding shoot

It’s been a weird few weeks, I went through quite a low and uninspiring stage recently as I felt as if the cold weather was never going to end. I find it so hard to be creative when you are feeling like that but now that Spring is on the way I seem to have found a new enthusiasm.

We have our Royal wedding job next week, shooting at a country house in Buckinghamshire and I can’t wait!  Below are the finished results.  We were going to sell the feature to a magazine (layout below) but we were a bit late shooting it and missed the deadline.  Instead, it was featured by Channel 4, My Deco and Your Wedding. It was such a fun shoot, my dear friend Jemma Watts took the photos and the cakes were all made by the very talented Kate at Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake.  Search for ‘Summer Garden Party’ to see the full range of images.

The set-up for the Royal Wedding shoot!

The next shoot is for The California Shutter Company which has been a long time in the planning. We are lucky as we have such a lovely location house.  I have shot here many times before and the owner (who is a stylist herself) is so accomodating.

We finished filming last week for 3M and are really happy with the video.

And then its off to Biarritz to visit my sister!!! Can’t wait!