Styling for Embraer private jets

It’s 6.47am and I am sitting on a train, heading up north for a meeting about my first Christmas job (!) Is it me or does this come earlier every year? With the planning under way for this job, I am also working on a book with the lovely Jemma Watts.  Not sure I can say much more about it other than it’s with Kyle books and it’s going to be lovely!  I will of course share the work once it’s finished.

Last week we finished shooting for our private jet client, it was a great brief which meant we were shooting at a couple of gorgeous locations.  Thanks to Lavish Locations and 1st-option for being so patient with shoot dates moving no less than 3 times!  Below is the finished image:

 Embraer photoshoot for private jet  Embraer photoshoot for private jet


We have now finished two large jobs with 3M Command, ‘How to create a children’s den’ and ‘Spring update’ (some of the images can be seen here.  I know I’m biased as I am their Ambassador but the products really are great (I haven’t been paid to say this!)  Just in case you are not aware; they enable you to hand pretty much anything on the walls without using nails – damage free hanging.  Perfect for protecting your walls and especially good if you are in rented accommodation.

I’ve arrived and off to look at tree decorations – Merry Christmas everyone!