A lovely Sunday at Columbia Road

Today was a lovely Sunday, the sun was shining (in the morning at least) and we had all that we needed on our doorstep.  My day started at an eye watering 6.40am (teething children) so we were all up, dressed and out the door by a staggering 9.30am!  As painful as it sounds,  I am always grateful in the end as it’s the best time of day to walk around London, especially if you are going to Columbia Road.  It was totally manageable-even with a double buggy.

I must admit, we haven’t been there for absolutely ages as it was hard to go last Summer with my youngest as she had bad reflux.  As always, there was a fantastic selection of spring flowers and I just wanted to buy them all!  There was also a good mix of homeware, with some very inspirational and affordable pieces mixed with a load of old toot…

I don’t know about you but the best part for me is always the people.  I sat on the pavement with my husband and two young children, eating my very large & expensive bacon roll (the little ones with their breadsticks) and we just watched everybody walk by.  There are so many interesting characters there; Uber trendy East London types, very wealthy and eccentric old ladies, Artists, young students, tourists, you name it.  I just love watching it all go on and often wonder what everybody’s story is.

We listened to a great band playing an accordion and a recorder, my eldest Elsie-may (who is only 2) loved it and started dancing around like a mad women ;0)  With the sun shining and all of us laughing, I had one of those moments where I thought how much I loved London…

Small craft shop full of pretty cards and small accessories

We’ve bough a few prints from this shop, it has a really fantastic selection of Artwork

A gorgeous little shop selling, Klimt rugs, sweet little soaps and best of loads of bright colored jewellery.  I have a bit of an obsession with tribal style jewellery and so I found it very hard to walk past this place without making a purchase!

I thought the chair above was quite cool (above), the original chair seat has been removed and the replaced with a Klimt style rug.  I’m not sure how durable it would be but who cares – it looks great!

This lady was playing the Harp as we were leaving, such a beautiful sound to listen to albeit a bit random but then that’s East London for you ;0)

Ut was great to see some pretty blossom on the tree near our flat, Spring is finally on the way!  (BTW that’s my husband standing behind the tree!)  There are also a few flowers starting to appear outside our windows.  Roll on warm weather, I REALLY need some sun!


Meet Pippa

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