PJI styling update

‘Juggling’ has to be the optimum word since I have been back in the office! Whilst  I am extremely grateful for all the work, I may have a break down along the way- only joking ;0) I just need to go bed a bit earlier!

I am working on the pitch for Grand Designs which has been so much fun to do.  It’s not quite there yet so it’s going to be a late one in the office tonight. I will post my moodboards once we know the outcome.

We are shooting for Warren Evans at the end of the week which I am really looking forward to and next week we are looking at some locations for The California Shutter shoot in April, another shoot that I  am very excited about.

In terms of the blog, we are interviewing now for an online Editor who can basically run the site, follow up all of the business leads that we receive as well as developing content and commissioning.  Hopefully we will be able to introduce our new contributor soon…