Shooting for Young Living Essential Oils

It’s been a while since my last shoot update as I’ve been styling up Christmas for the likes of Next, Not on The High Street and Young Living. I’ve only included a few images from my Young Living shoot, an essential Essential Oils company, as I’m not allowed to show NOTHS or Next yet.

After the Young Living shoot, our client gifted all of the product to us as it was no longer fit to sell. Those of you who know me will know that when it comes to beauty products, I’m not that knowledgeable or fussed about buying them. Well, after sampling my freebies, I now get it.

I have 2 favourite items from the shoot; the first is my cinnamint lip balm and as the name suggests, it’s a ix of cinnamon and mint (image below). I’m a little obsessed with lip balms as when I’m on set my lips can get really chapped. This lip balm has the purist ingredients, feels lovely, smells divine and seems to be lasting forever. LOVE IT!

My second favourite product is called stress away. It’s a tiny bottle (image below) just a little bit bigger than a lip balm and it’s basically used to relieve headaches and tension. During busy shoot months, I often get headaches as we start really early, finish late and eat at random times. Add to that a lack of water and hello headache. I hate taking pills, I’d much rather drink water and wait for it to pass (sound like a kidney stone!) Anyway, the bottle has a miniature roll on at the end and so it’s easy to apply a little liquid on your temples. The mint has a cooling feeling when it hits the skin and the other ingredients provide a soft and calming scent, one of which is lavender. After about 5 minutes my headache was gone. I also want to mention that I am not being paid or sponsored in any way to write about this, I just wanted to share how fab I think their products are :)





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