Welcome to Pip’s Learning Academy Sample Lesson & Task.

Last week, I shared the exciting news that I am launching Pip’s Learning Academy – a series of 11 short courses for creatives, designed with interior designers and stylists in mind. This week, I’m sharing a free sample of one of the courses, so you can get a feel for what to expect from Pip’s Learning Academy.

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Course video

Below, you’ll find a short video from Lesson 3: Build Your Brand followed with a short task for you to complete.

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Your business’s branding is crucial. It provides a way for you to convey information and raise awareness of your product and services by connecting your values, brand identity, and voice with the right audience through strategic communication. You must get your branding right before you begin with marketing. When you think of branding, you might think I’m only talking about how your company looks, but it’s much more than that. Many things come under your company branding, like design, logos, marketing, and core business values.

Course task

You have just watched a short lesson on brand strategy, below is a task for you to complete.