Trend: Bright & Graphic

All things bright & graphic, this is the next big trend that is slowly filtering it’s way down to the interiors market.  I don’t know if you remember, but we published a trend story on graphic and digital prints last year when it was popular with fashion.  Brights is something that has been around for a while but now it’s being combined with graphic prints, also look out for bold and crazy illustrations on textiles and furniture; there are going to be some shocking designs coming your way, here is a good example of what I am talking about, this a great piece in the ES by Barbara Chandler.  Major retailers and independent designers such as Zoe Murphy are at the forefront of this look.  Zoe, takes ordinary pieces of furniture and adorns them with cool illustrative images and transfers using a bold and clashing palette of pink, red and orange, I am a huge fan of her chest of drawers (image below).  Another favourite of mine is Rachel Gornall, who makes hand dyed stitched textiles.  I saw her work at Origin this year and it was simply stunning.  Then of course there was the Anthony Hartley chair at LDF, that everyone was talking about.  Anthony’s work is so current and best of all every multicoloured piece has its own unique colour sequence, its DNA, which is authenticated and registered to its new owner, my favourite piece is the Edna 1, it has the bright multi colored drawers but with a simple wooden casing – ‘Like’  The chairs are from Emeco, handmade from 80% recycled Aluminum.  Apparently it takes 77 steps to get there but it means that they are designed to last for 150 years, that’s some promise!








Rachel Gornall

Gill Wilson