Decorex Trends 2010


It was a great year at Decorex with lots of exciting new products.  The main styles that I saw emerging were ‘Punchy Patterns’ (like the colours below) with a Tibetan/bohemian influence. ‘Luscious Gold’ was another trend that I noticed, this was shown not only with fabrics but also with furniture and accessories.  ‘Texture’ was everywhere to be seen, think organic, natural and simple.  I will endeavour to create a few moodboards for each individual trend and finally ‘Luxury’, think velvet, crystals, silk, fur (hopefully fake!) in pale grey, aubergine and cream.

Below is a picture from Rocio Moreno Textiles, I discovered then at Decorex last week.  They have the most stunning selection of fabrics; really vibrant and punchy.  I will try and publish some more images from their collection next week.  For more of their range visit their website.