Interior styling for a pub renovation

Well, it’s now 3 weeks until my second baby arrives and I am praying she doesn’t come early so that I can finish all of my styling jobs!

We have been asked to transform the upstairs of a pub by turning the 5 unused rooms into modern and welcoming guest rooms.  I have to say, it’s a fantastic job to be working on as we have total creative control of the design.  Once we have finished the rooms I will post a feature with all of the ‘before’ and after pics.

Designing and decorating is always a challenge. You have to combine practicality with style. The client gives you an idea of what they would like, what their requirements and budget are. It is then up to the designer to interpret the client’s wishes. This applies to all jobs, from homes to Aviva offices (, fusion restaurants and boutique hotels. It is great to be given free reign with the design– it means your client fully trusts your creative choices.

Final compositions of interior design should be attractive and appropriate. It needs to complement the image and work of your client. There are so many options for each client in terms of colour, furniture, textures– the interior designer is free to create with all palettes and tools available within the right context. Check back soon for updates on the pub rooms!