The Grid & Letting Go, Dulux paint trends

Off The Grid & Letting Go is the next Dulux paint trend for 2016.  Leading an extremely busy life myself, this is the collection I can relate to the most, every now and then we want to escape the madness, break the mould or go ‘off grid’ and whilst this palette is all about breaking free, it also reflects the grid itself. The playful splashes of colour are about the carefree living whilst the monochrome lines represent the controlled framework we are trying to escape, a kind of controlled chaos. Dulux says, “We need boundaries in which to live, even if we seek to rebel against them; freedom is only understandable within the context of a framework”.  This is a colourful and playful palette, yet held back by the black and white of the grid. Translated into paint terms for the home, it’s the Monochrome palette that will create some uniform and order against the brighter, bolder colours.