Revamp an old sofa

If you have an old or dull sofa and you can’t afford a new one because you are feeling the effects of the credit crunch, then why not revamp the one you have.  Below are a few affordable options:

1) Cover can your sofa with a large throw.  You buy a throw for as little as £50 compared/o to around £1,500 for the cost of a new sofa.  Some good suppliers of throws are: House of Fraser, Debenhams, BHS, Woolworths, Marks and Spencer & Next

2) Cover the sofa with some stylish fabric as this will give you a greater choice of colours and designs.  John Lewis stock a wide range of suppliers.

The picture below demonstrates how you can transform an old sofa with a stylish length of fabric.

3) The last option is to have the sofa professionally covered.  This is slightly more expensive than option 1&2 but would still be around 50% cheaper than buying a new sofa.  There are several companies that offer this service but my favourites are Plumbs and Sofa Covers.