Trend: Colonial charm

 A a stylist, I am always drawn in by beautifully detailed and authentic sets.  I take delight in absorbing the way a room is designed and always appreciate the styled accessories sitting on side tables, as well as photos and paintings on walls, all of which are there to help tell the story.  I get quite excited when a trend lends itself to getting really authentic to time honored pieces, and Colonial charm does just that.  With its wonderful imagery of travel, merchants and sense of discovery, it combines earthy tones and raw materials like rattan and linens, with vintage travel wares with scientific curios for an eclectic and spontaneous ‘set up camp for the night’ kind of feel.

I reveled in the chance to create a mood board to inspire an interiors setting and explore for myself all the lovely imagery conjured up by colonial times. Humid days spent in the shade discovering new creatures, the soft lull of palm frond fans, and adventure in the jungle waiting on your doorstep.…

L to R Top Row: {1}Jute twine and {2} Globe seen via  browndresswithwhitedots, {3} Colonial Setting

Middle Row: {1} Peacock seen via browndresswithwhitedots, {2} Insect illustration, {3} Wicker texture

Bottom Row: {1} Leather trunks, {2} Palm frond Wallpaper