Trend: Graffiti?

I came across these new illustrations today whilst on my way to work.  They were all around the Redchurch street area.  Funny how I now call it ‘art’ rather than graffiti, I think it becomes art when it is a commissioned piece; which a lot of these are.  I really like the one below (on Chance Street, E1) where they have used a mixture of paint and paper to create a montage effect; birds and tropical flowers are so popular in fashion and interiors  – paradise trend.  Almost every building in this area has wall art now, something that many people still find hard to appreciate.  Personally, I like it.  I think it suits the area and above all, it’s so colorful.  I know a lot depends on the quality of the piece but generally, they’re all of a pretty high standard.

Redchurch street itself is changing so quickly.  My husband used to have his office there about 5 years ago before the likes of Shoreditch House and the Boundry, now you can’t move for Galleries, cafes, uber cool clothes shops and wall art.  It’s great, I love seeing the area change.  It’s going to be crazy there in a few weeks during London Design Festival with the Shoreditch Triangle.