Trend watch: Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters can make the perfect addition to a room and look fabulous with a natural wood finish or painted in a bright colour, the tricky part is working out what style to go for and making sure they work with existing furniture and accessories.  The images below are from shoot I styled for The California Shutter Company and show you how to make them work in different settings.

Dark wood shutters, wooden shutters, tribal bedroom, boho bedroom, colourful bedroom, patterned cushions, Pippa Jameson, Pippa Jameson Stylist, California Shutter Company

Dark wood shutters look striking against white-painted floorboards and the introduction of vibrant accessories bring the look alive.  For cushions like this, try Niki Jones or Graham & Green


This is a great example of how shutters can work with a contemporary set-up, the bright yellow accessories sit beautifully against the crisp white walls and paris grey shutters. For a similar cushion, try Chocolate Creative

Blue_shutters, Bright blue shutters, wooden shutters, office, desks, white floorboards, painted white floorboards, wooden floorboards, colourful shutters, Pippa Jameson

Just look how pretty bright blue shutters are in the right setting!  The key to this look is neutral walls and floor, i.e let the shutters be the main colour feature as this will keep the look clean and fresh.

Scandinavian living room, wooden shutters, Pippa Jameson, light wood shutters, white floorboards, green and white living room

The image above is a great example of how light wood shutters can add warmth and depth to a scheme.  The subtle wood grain sits softly against natures gentle green accessories, which echo beautiful botanical prints.

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