Trend watch: Words & Pictures, paint trend by Dulux

Words & Pictures is a Dulux paint trend for 2016 which carries a strong message, the way we use ‘words and pictures’ is changing, drastically.  Whilst we take many photos, they are rarely printed and instead stored in the cloud and the classic phrase ‘one picture tells a thousand words’ simply doesn’t apply anymore.  In this digital age, it’s almost impossible to identify an original image as they can be doctored or manipulated, meaning they have almost no value or meaning at all.  Letter writing has more or less disappeared and instead been replaced by emails, abbreviated text messages and emoji’s. This shift has led to a renewed love affair of words, a need to see letters and print, to read more books and poetry.  We are also seeing more lettering within Interior Design and architecture as well as clubs and societies, where once more words and images can complement one another.  The palette for this collection has not only been influenced by the blue of ink and grey of graphite but also smart phone and social media filters