Your childs artwork…on a handbag!


handbag.jpg handbag.2.jpg handbag.3.jpg

As I am expecting my first child, this company really caught my eye. We all know how much children enjoy drawing and it’s great to then pin the picture on the fridge or wall. However, we can sometimes be limited on space and after a while the drawings can start to look at bit tatty and messy!

Scribble Coutre has the answer. It’s an online company that copies your childs drawing on to a bag of your choice. It’s simple to use; simply upload the drawing from your computer (by either take a picture of the drawing with a digital camera or scanning it), choose the bag of your choice and then wait for them to post it to you!
It’s not cheap but then the bags are real leather and so are made to last. Let’s hope your Childs drawings are stylish enough….!